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Our services provide you your original MANGA and KAMISHIBAI (picture card show) work produce,
KAMISHIBAI performance by professional performer, to event organizing. We will take care of you.

Kamishibai -Picture card show-

KAMISHIBAI show by professional Kamishibai performing group “Shibuya-gagekidan”
Professional Kamishibai performer plays various works including original stories created by Manga artists, old tales and fairy tales.


We promote your product and service to the customer by Kamishibai performance. 
You can make use of it as your CSR activity.

Events overseas

We dispatch Kamishibai performance and Manga artists abroad! 
You are welcome to order Kamishibai performance and product in English.

Workshops visit

Professional Kamishibai performer and Manga artist visit your place and hold a Manga class, Kamishibai class! 
More service can be prepared depends on your request.

Producing events

We have various contents to warm up your events! (Fair, Japanese toy-tops, candy craft, etc.) 
You can also create your original event by combining other contents!

Inbound and Outbound

We have contents for tourists and travelers from other countries! 
Translation for other languages are available.

Please feel free to contact us. 
You are welcome to make your request, and we are happy to help you create your plan into reality.